Important Contacts


Dr. Brandon Hanshaw

Mariette Herro
Assistant Principal
Grades 10 to 12

Brittany Campbell
Assistant Principal
Grade 9

Student Services

Media Specialist

Cathy Alper
Career Specialist

School Fax #: 407-320-5798

Help Others Grow


Parents, we need you.

Come join one of the following school groups to provide your time and expertise  We welcome your support: Parent-Invitation Link

PTSA - Parent Teacher Student Association

SAC - School Advisory Council

Business Advisory Council - business leaders working together to build career and college programs. This group meets quarters and offers events such as Teach In Day and TechFest. Business Advisory Council Registration

Crooms Alumni - The Crooms AoIT Alumni Association is dedicated to serving Crooms AoIT and communicating with alumni and friends to support our alma mater's educational and character building mission. The organization will provide services of value, promote the ongoing advancement of Crooms AoIT through committed volunteer leadership, and provide members with the possibility to connect with their classmates and their roots.

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Crooms AOIT Campus Tours

Are you thinking about sending your student to Crooms High School but you have questions? Come see for yourself what is great about Crooms High School! We would like to invite parents and prospective students to come visit our campus to see what Crooms High School has to offer. 

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College Fair